Aquaponic home system

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Handmade from maritime pine, which is particularly water and moisture resistant. Each system is unique, manufactured in the "Flosart" art joinery from Toggenburg. 

The plant basin is removable, which makes it easier to transport and clean.

The furniture offers storage space for the water pump, air pump, filter and other utensils that are required for the proper operation of the system.

In addition to the furniture, the price includes:

  • 240 liter aquarium
  • Water pump and filter with up to 1400 liters per hour
  • 2x LED with UV-B and UV-C for optimal plant growth
  • Heating rod for the aquarium
  • Expanded clay for the plant bed
  • Air pump with air stones

The system can also be delivered and installed on request and at an additional cost.

Delivery time: 30 days