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This variety has proven itself particularly well when grown indoors and is characterized by an extensive production of resin and its special, berry taste. In our experience, plants of this variety have an increased resistance to pests and are rather user-friendly.

Blueberry x Blueberry
THC 0.48 - 0.6%
CBD 8-14%
CBG 4 - 4.4% 
Flowering phase 8 - 9 weeks
Cannabis indica
Phenotypes 1 - 2
Swiss product 

The CBD content is around 16% and the THC content is always below 1%.

The CBD seeds are not approved for commercial use in agriculture and productive horticulture (cultivation on agricultural land including areas with crops in year-round protected cultivation, e.g. greenhouses, elevated tunnels, forcing beds).

Find out more before buying from the FOAG's “Information sheet on hemp”. We would like to point out that in certain cantons the cultivation of hemp is notifiable.

When purchasing CBD seeds, the customer expressly confirms
- to be at least 18 years old; and
- to have taken note of the provisions on the intended use as above and to comply with these as well as the other legal and official regulations.